WOHO! I’m nominated in the Elly Awards 2019!

Dear rave followers,

WOW! I just found out that I’m nominated to the “Party person of the year”-category with my Instagram account Technoizet in the Elly Awards 2019. I’m super proud of being nominated as raving is a big part of my life and this also show me that my work is appreciated.

I always try to contribute as much as a can for free just because I think this culture is wonderful and that a rave is something that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. A rave is a place where a people can be themselves. A free space without violence, hate, sexism, racism and other stuff like that. A space where you can dance and smile through all the night, not being controlled by early closing hours. The complete opposite to “normal” clubs.

If you think that my account is inspiring, fun etc, PLEASE, vote for me as the “Party person of the year”. It would mean very much to me!

Elly Awards is an event based in Stockholm that focus on putting light on the persons within the rave scene that has contributed to it in different ways. Best DJ of the year, best crew of the year etc. See you there!

How to vote for me? Check this out! Copied text from Elly Awards Facebook page:

Download WERZ to vote in the underground section. (Access code “ellyawards”)


Android users enter code ellyawards to enter mini program.
Google Play

Detailed info on how to vote available here, be patient, it is not very complicated but it will take about 5 minutes from your life, hope that is ok with you!


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